Hand woven Shawl, Wrap, Scarf (Denim Blue ) Sustainably Made in Africa 100% Cotton

$64.95 USD

This stylish and sustainable shawl, wrap is 100% cotton, hand-dyed and hand-woven with love by local artisans in Tanzania. A beautiful and eco-friendly accessory for any outfit or a warm addition to a cool setting, this shawl is as stylish as it is sustainable. People also wear these as scarves too.

This is my favourite and fashionable travel accessory.

Length: 200 cm (78.7 inches)
Width: 40 cm ( 16 inches)

At Tarangear we are committed to operating an eco-fashion brand as a sustainable and ethical business every step of the way:

1. All products are lovingly made by local artisans in Tanzania.
2. 10% of all sales directly supports Wildlife Conservation programs.
3. All packaging is made with 100% recycled, 97% post-consumer waste material and is fully recyclable, compostable & naturally biodegradable.

We love custom orders so if you have a colour or a size specification, please contact us at info@taranger.com