Dahlia Dream Kitenge Bathrobe, African Fabric 100% Cotton, Sustainable Fashion

$69.95 USD

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This beautiful bathrobe is made from authentically local Kitenge prints native to and made in Tanzania. Bold and beautiful, this traditional fabric is 100% cotton and made by local artisans in Tanzania. A stylish and sustainable robe for daily use, a beachside accessory and a bright addition to any spa moment.

The name ‘kitenge’ refers to the vibrant African wax print fabrics sold in the busy local markets of Tanzania, East Africa. The print design and colours look the same on both the front and back sides of the fabric. So beautiful, it is worn in many different outfits including traditional African weddings and other ceremonies.

This kimono style bathrobe has detachable belt, deep pockets and loose ¾ sleeves to keep you both stylish and comfortable.

  • Shoulder: 55 inches / 139.7 cm
  • Length: 45 inches / 114 cm
  • Width: 56 inches / 142 cm
  • Length for tie: 75 inches / 190.5 cm

At Tarangear, we are committed to operating an eco-fashion brand as a sustainable and ethical business every step of the way:

  • All products are lovingly made by local artisans in Tanzania;
  • 10% of all sales directly supports Wildlife Conservation programs;
  • All packaging is made with 100% recycled, 97% post-consumer waste material and is fully recyclable, compostable & naturally biodegradable.

We love custom orders so if you have a colour or a size specification, please contact us at info@taranger.com.