We don’t just make masks; we want to make a difference.

At Tarangear, we are committed to continually build upon our mission to contribute meaningfully to our communities.  We are as passionate about the products we make as we are about the people, the land and the wildlife that has inspired its beauty.  We recognize that through making these authentically local masks, we have  great opportunity to support the land we love, the people who cherish and conserve it and the animals that thrive on it.  We do this by using authentically local fabrics and artisans and by donating 10% of each mask sold to support key Wildlife Conservation Programs that are at risk due to the lack of tourism dollars.

Get a mask or give a mask.

We believe that a global problem demands a global solution. As our part of this solution, Tarangear is extending the opportunity for individuals and corporations on our website to donate masks to World Vision to reach impoverished children around the world.

We also work with organizations to direct donated masks to key areas of interest. Please contact us for more details: info@tarangear.com.

Together, we can make a difference.

Environmentally Friendly

We are very proud to share that all of our packaging is made with 100% recycled, 97% post-consumer waste material and is fully recyclable, compostable  & naturally biodegradable.

Our Tailors

Meet Adiel, the lead tailor of the Tarangear team. Design and tailoring has been his inborn passion and gift. In 2015, he opened his fist tailoring studio in Arusha, Tanzania where he started with one small sewing machine. He has increased production and hired 10 other tailors to work with him.

He trained 4 girls from tailoring school and later hired them. All of the tailors come from different backgrounds, but with a good work foundation, they are now able to support their families.