Providing support today for a sustainable tomorrow

We started the Tarangear Trust along with our business, Tarangear, as a foundation to build upon our vision to meaningfully give back to our community. We don’t just make masks; we want to make a difference. We recognized there is a great opportunity to support the land we love, the people who cherish and conserve it and the animals that thrive on it.

Tanzania boasts a stunning tapestry of ever-changing landscapes wherein more than 4 million animals call home. If you have had the privilege of travelling here, you know that Tanzania is a living reminder of an untouched, pristine world in which the delicate balance of nature reveals itself through every changing and stunning perspective.

Unfortunately, today, this delicate balance is in jeopardy of being forever changed. For decades, members of this Trust have funded programs that protect animals, conserve the land and uplift our communities. Our achievements have been made possible through tourism revenue. The absence of tourism revenue due to the global pandemic has had a deep impact on our continued ability to preserve the progress that has been achieved.

The Tarangear Trust, in conjunction with our partners is committed to the conservation effort of the Tanzanian wilderness and protecting the wildlife that inhabits it, educating the next generation of conservation leaders and protecting the most vulnerable in our communities. Simply put, we are committed to providing the support today to sustain and achieve a successful tomorrow.

The Tarangear Trust depends largely on the generosity of individual and corporate donors. Our goal is to support and fund critical initiatives in Wildlife Conservation; Education and Neo Natal Care.

Our funds are raised as an adjunct to the sales of our products through mostly the generosity of individual and corporate donations. Of the total funds raised approximately 45% will be allocated to Wildlife Conservation initiatives, 30% to critical Neo-Natal programmes and 25% to community education efforts.

Wildlife conservation

In order to protect our wildlife, we must also protect our land. Tanzania has the world’s largest animal population per square kilometre, which includes over 400 species and subspecies. This large population of animals largely lives in the 12 national parks, 13 Nature Reserves and 38 protected areas in Tanzania including the Serengeti, Africa’s largest nature reserve.

It takes well-trained personnel and continued investments in technology and supplies to patrol the 42,500 km² of wildlife habitat to enforce anti-poaching goals. It also requires consistent education efforts to engage the many rural communities to mitigate animal-human conflict. Without adequate funding poaching incidents rise and land encroachments increase.

As part of the Tarangear Trust initiative, our wildlife conservation goal is to fund the expenses associated with patrol officers and much needed raining, supplies and technology.

“It is the only way out of this crisis that we have ourselves created. We must rewild the world." – David Attenborough

Educating future wildlife leaders

Tanzania is home to over 160 different tribes, each with its own character. These tribes, which often contribute to the authentic travel experiences for the tourism industry, live in areas that do not have the requisite education infrastructure for their children. The government has a limited allowance to run the whole school program which further burdens the education opportunities in these treasured communities. The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic repercussions continue to threaten the survival of these rural schools. There are simply not enough classrooms for the students leading to overcrowding and compromising the quality of education.

We believe that it is important to uplift our communities and provide the right educational opportunities surrounding the wildlife areas in order to build the knowledge of the significance of wildlife and benefits of tourism for the betterment of themselves and on-going development for their community.

Our goal is to provide the adequate health standards are in place, make necessary infrastructure improvements and provide the adequate tools to augment the learning process. The Tarangear Trust supports the need to invest in these children today to create the wildlife leaders of tomorrow.

Neo-Natal Care

The neo-natal intensive care unit at the Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre (ALMC) has, over the past 7 years, worked hard to demonstrate to Tanzanian healthcare workers and hospitals that critically ill and preterm babies can survive. The premature survival rate in 2019 was 92.5%, with most deaths (75%) occurring among neonates with delayed transfer into our NICU from other hospitals. As the only facility of its kind in Tanzania,the ALMC NICU is also strongly focused on training and facilitating workshops around Tanzania in the care of newborns to further reduce the mortality rate.

We support them in their belief that “every breath count”. Each year, the NICU sends over 250 healthy babies home, many of whom would not have otherwise survived. Each stay is an average of 23 days during which time both the mother and the baby require care, supplies and education. Our commitment with Dr. Swanson and his team will be to fund the care that is required to both the babies and the mothers of these most vulnerable members of our community.

Join us today

The Tarangear Trust depends largely on the generosity of individual and corporate donors. Together, we can carry out critical conservation efforts required and support the community development programs in Tanzania that will uplift our communities. Join us in this journey of creating the necessary, tangible changes today for the sustainable results needed to preserve this pristine ecosystem for future generations.

Each donation will be provided with an eligible tax receipt; regular updates on our collective progress and stories from key areas of impact. In addition, all individual donations of over $5,000 will entitle the donor to a 20% discount on stays at all Nimali Africa luxury camps.