We started making masks from local Maasai and tribal prints. Today, through our continued commitment to local artisans and craftsman we continue to uplift local communities by bringing handmade, eco-friendly fashion for you and your home from our artisan community.

Meet Adiel

Design and tailoring has long been Adiel's passion. In 2015 Adiel opened his fist tailoring studio in Arusha and started his business with one small sewing machine. In 2016 he trained four girls from tailoring school and later hired them and they became good tailors and today Adiel trains and employs 10 tailors.

All the tailors come from different backgrounds from unprivileged families and today, with good a work foundation, they are able to support their family with the revenue coming from the business.

Meet Rachel

Her name is Rachel Daniel or Mrs Joshua. Ever since she was little, being a tailor was her passion, but her parents couldn't afford her fees at that time. After growing up, getting married and becoming a mother she decided to go back to her passion so that she could financially support her family. In 2019 she took a short course of six months. In 2020 she graduated and bought herself a small sewing machine and started working.

Meet Mama Hoko

The business was started by its founder Marilyn Hokororo in 2009, at the time a housewife in a quest to improve her income and also uplift other women’s income in the community. Initially, the business was dedicated to women coming from difficult family situations, but then it developed into a project for all the community members. Today their business allows them to create a fair income for the women and men in the community.

Since initiation, they have been able to reach over 500 community members that dropped out of school for various reasons such as pregnancies and female oppression, lack of money, among many other reasons. These community members have been trained in art-craft skills to make handmade souvenirs, and given basic entrepreneurship skills over the past 11 years.

As an entrepreneurship enterprise for the community, they seek to continuously improve both qualities of production and entrepreneurship skills in order to enable the people they employ to self-sustain their needs.