Masks for your business

We offer a large range of customizable options for our masks, perfect for every business need. Whether you give the masks to your personnel, clients, customers or otherwise, your business will be making a difference with every mask by providing your brand with:

• A unique and authentic amenity for your customers/clients/guests;
• A beautiful and socially responsible employee perk;
• A meaningful loyalty incentive;
• A platform to support wildlife conservation efforts;
• A truly differentiated gift.

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Donate Masks

5 Masks for $25 USD

Donate 5 masks for $25. We ship our combined donation to World Vision to distribute to impoverished children in Africa and the United States.

We have proudly partnered with World Vision to get masks to children where they are needed most. World Vision’s longstanding commitment to lift individuals and families out of extreme poverty combined with their global expertise means that we can, together, get masks to children who need them most quickly and effectively.