Handwoven Cotton Blanket - Modern Black & Cream Cotton | Eco Friendly Blanket Handmade with Love in Africa

$119.95 USD

This beautiful blanket is 100% cotton, hand-dyed and hand-woven by local artisans in Tanzania. Perfect for a cool summer evening, a warm respite or simply a beautiful accessory to any room, these fashionable blankets will be the perfect accessory to make any moment full of warmth.

BONUS! Each blanket is beautifully packaged in our canvas tote bags!

These beautiful blankets are made enterprising female artists in central Tanzania. Together, we are bringing the magic and craftsmanship of East Africa to you and your home. As all of these products are handmade, each piece is truly unique. Sustainable fashion at its finest!

Size: 59” x 91” (4.92’ x 7.58’).

At Tarangear we are committed to operating an eco-fashion brand as a sustainable and ethical business every step of the way:

All products are lovingly made by local artisans in Tanzania.

10% of all sales directly supports Wildlife Conservation programs.

All packaging is made with 100% recycled, 97% post-consumer waste material and is fully recyclable, compostable & naturally biodegradable.

We love custom orders so if you have a colour or a size specification, please contact us at info@tarangear.com.